The academy will follow the same process and use the same resources, both economic and human, as well as the facilities as the players from the development categories of the club. We place particular emphasis on improving weak areas and in approving the strong points of each player entering the academy by working individually with each one of them, in addition, they will have weekly competitive matches with the Deportivo Alavés teams and others of good standing in the area.

All the players will be monitored by our scouting department and in the case that any of the players have sufficient talent to enter the structure of the club, they will be offered a scholarship that fully covers their stay, as well as a contract should they accept the proposal.

Game model

  • According club’s history & philosophy
  • Recognised by everyone
  • Develop players in differents systems & formation


  • Building intelligent player
  • Profile
  • Individual objectives
  • Reflexive


  • Different contents & objectives per category / age
  • Progression & repetition principles
  • Based on the space


  • Educators
  • Vision for future
  • Focus on the player
  • Rol model

Game model

  • Develop players capables to adapt to differents styles of play in current football
  • To develop players capable to understand the different actions according to the
  • Game phases:
    • Positional attack
    • Positional defence
    • Defensive transition
    • Attacking transition

Technical – tactical training

  • Integrated training according to the age player
  • Real game situations where player has to make decisions continually

Technical – tactical content

  • Player without the ball in attack
  • Check in & out
  • Support
  • Fake
  • Ask for the ball
  • Situation
  • Body shape
  • Get the back from the defender

Technical – tactical content

  • Player in defensive
  • Mark
  • Clearance
  • Tackle
  • Press
  • Anticipation
  • Interceptation

To develop intelligent players

  • To learn how to make decisions based on demands of the game
  • Player focused on individual needs
  • To improve decision making according to the spicific position

Technical contents

  • Player with ball in attack
  • Passing
    • short distance
    • medium distance
    • large distance (aerial)
  • Control – pass
  • Control – driving
  • Control – dribbling
  • Driving – pass
  • Driving – dribbling
  • Driving – shot
  • Dribbling – pass
  • Dribbling – shot
  • Kicking & heading
  • Wall pass / 1 & 2
  • Switching play

Tactical contents

  • Attacking & defensive principles:
    • To keep / recover the ball
    • To create finishing situations / avoid progression
    • To create finishing situations / avoid gol
  • To manage space:
    • Depth
    • Width
  • Switching play
  • Solving numerical superiority / inferiority situations
  • Game principles: cover – balance

Physical contents

  • Initial phase evaluation
  • Injury prevention
  • Coordination work
  • Motor abilities
  • To develop physical condition:
  •  strenght
  •  endurance
  •  speed
  • evaluation & tracing


To improve physical condition

  • Individual plans to develop and improve physical condition
  • Individual injury prevention plan to prepare the player for training & competition

Technical contents

  • To improve confidence and self esteem
  • Reflexive process based on questions and listening about what’s going on
  • To build responsible players and with initiative
  • Football as a life style healthy habits