Professional individual sports program

The Baskonia Alavés academy offers a variety of programs to be able to adapt to the needs of each player for periods ranging from one month to ten months. These programs are designed to encourage the personal and sporting development of the young players.

Team training in Vitoria

Training programs ‘on demand’: Flexible duration and adapted to number of players and needs: pre-season training camp, intensive training, etc.

Professional coaches and fitness coaches from Deportivo Alavés staff.

Option to play friendly games against top teams in Vitoria and Basque Country area.

Option to play local tournaments.

Combined with leisure activities, City tour, Stadium Tour, attend professional La Liga games, City Tour, etc.

International summer camp

Baskonia and Alaves summer Camps and Christmas Camps. Basketball or football (soccer) training, games, leisure activities, excursions, etc. Ages 6-18.

Promotion and organized by 5+11 Foundation.

Educational program

Our aim is for the players to be able to continue their academic studies throughout their development as sportspersons, therefore, school/university program is included in the long duration programs. Personalized attention of all students interest in their personal circumstances and their influence in the academic environment. A whole team of professionals will ensure the academic and professional attention and guidance of all students.

Leisure activities

Tourism will form an important part of our project, with our participants carrying out different activities that will also educate them on a personal level.

  • There will be tourist visits to cities such as Bilbao, San Sebastián, the Basque country coastline.. Adventure sports
  • Trips
  • Guided tours of cultural centers
  • Visits to training sessions of the first team
  • Chats with players
  • Tickets to see Deportivo Alavés and Baskonia matches