Language study: Spanish or English

  • Every student will have 20 weekly sessions  of Spanish or English classes in order to be able to integrate and take advantage of their stay in our country to learn a new language.
  • Language study will be mandatory when the student visa is required
  • Language study will be optional when the student visa is NOT required
  • At the end of their stay, every student will receive an official qualification certifying the level

International High School Program (14-18 years)

  • The aim is to ensure that the participants do not miss the school year whilst still being able to complete the sports program. Classroom and student tutor will be provided. Every participant should bring his/her own laptop.
  • High School Students can follow the American Curriculum with AESA PREP or the British Curriculum with KING’S INTERHIGH school or the francophone Curriculum with COURS LEGENDRE. All of them are online and official curriculums characterized by greater flexibility that allows adapting subjects and teaching load to the circumstances of the students. These programs offer as well optional subjects that complement the compulsory ones of the curriculum, looking for those that best adapt to the characteristics and needs of the students, betting again on those that show a more experiential nature and that favor the student’s competence development.
  • Online schooling doesn’t guarantee that the participant can get a student visa. Whether the visa is required, the participant must additionally sign for the language study program.

EUNEIZ University: The New Technologies, Sports and Health University. ( 18 years and older).

  • EUNEIZ is a private university, located in Vitoria-Gasteiz integrated into the Basque University and Spanish System
  • Its key role is to provide the higher education service through teaching, study, lifelong learning, research and the transfer of knowledge and technology. Similarly, the university is created with a firm commitment to contribute to the economic, scientific and cultural development of Basque society, as well as to its cohesion and the well-being of its citizens, key to being a fairer and more supportive society, in accordance with the principle of service to society as stated in the Basque University System Law.
  • The EUNEIZ University campus is set in the Green Belt of Vitoria-Gasteiz. It is located in the well-known “Edificio Vital” building in the Salburua neighborhood and very close to the Interpretation Centre of the Salburua Wetlands and the BAKH, the Alaves Baskonia Sport City (Baskonia Alavés Kirol Hiria).
  • EUNEIZ currently offers the following degrees Physiotherapy, Physical Activity and Sport Sciences, Multimedia and Music Production and Sound for the Entertainment Industry. New degrees and master degrees will be offered shortly.