After many years of training young sportspersons, the Baskonia Alavés Group considers that now is the time to offer its know-how to all those young people who have a clear desire to improve in sport and offer them its first class sporting, educational and personal experience.

With our academy we want to be one of the best European providers of an international football and basketball experience so that talented young people between the age of 14 and 21 can develop their passion by providing a programme to develop first-class players and offer the players a
full-time education, training, competition and leisure programme.

To achieve this objective, Deportivo Alavés and the company 433 football management have signed a partnership agreement for the next five years. 433 football management is a company of international prestige which lends security and solidity to the project.

With this, 433 football management has become the official recruitment partner for our international academy.


  • To provide the club with a structure of professions aimed at top-level training… (coaches).
  • To develop a high-level didactic and methodological programme.
  • To hire professionals who, in addition to dedicating themselves to the first teams, develop their work in training (high-performance director (physiologist), physicians, physical therapists, nutritionists, psychologists, podiatrists, coaching, etc).
  • To provide the club with a style of play.
  • To build a pyramid of more than 5,000 footballers
  • Owner of the Croatian first-division club NK Istra.


  • Owner of another complex with swimming pools, fitness, padel court, tennis court, ice rink, etc.).
  • Owner and manager of a high-level hall of residence for a total of 80 athletes.


  • We have the experience acquired with Baskonia (a professional basketball club and the European club that has trained the most players for the NBA) and their knowledge of serving young athletes.
  • All this experience and structure has also allowed us to collaborate with the training of young professional athletes from outside our province through collaboration agreements with countries and geographical areas such as Georgia, China, the Middle East, etc.


  • We understand that the training work for the recruitment of local talent for our first teams is perfectly compatible with the training of young people from other countries, either in our city or yours and that it could also be a gateway to professional football in our country, if there is a player with the right attitude and aptitude.
  • With our academy, we wish to become one of the best European suppliers of an international football experience so that talented young people can develop their passion.

433 Football Management