The Baskonia Alavés academy offers a variety of programmes to be able to adapt to the needs of each player for periods ranging from one month to ten months. These programmes are designed to encourage the personal and sporting development of the young players

Prior to the commencement of the training, there will be a week of test trainings to detect the level of the player and identify their strong points and their weak points in order to work on them and organise work groups that are as balanced as possible.

During their stay, the player may change groups depending on their progress.


10 month professional programme – from September to June
This long duration programme runs for 10 months and is aimed at players that wish to play football or basketball professionally.
The work dynamic will be the same as any young person from our development categories and will have the same human and material resources and facilities.


6-month professional programme
This long duration programme can be taken at any time of the year and in order to adapt to the needs of the players, the start and end month are flexible.
This programme it is exactly identical to the above, the only difference being the duration.


1 to 3-month professional programme
The player has the opportunity to choose a professional programme for a period of less than six months and can commence their programme during the Summer. The player will be placed into the group that is most appropriate in order to begin training with the players on the 1-year and 6-month programme. Compared to the previous programmes all activities are focused on the sport, and there is no school programme. However Spanish lessons are included.


  • A welcome pack.
  • A minimum of 10 work sessions per week
    · Teamwork with the Club
    · Individual work in small groups in physical preparation and individual technique
  • Work plan and methodology with Deportivo Alavés
    · Daily training sessions
    · Weekly games
  • Chats with players
  • Photos with players, both Deportivo Alavés and Baskonia
  • Scouting by the professional staff of Deportivo Alavés